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Have you noticed an annoying dent winking at you in your otherwise pristine car? More then likely some one has left it for you and are long gone. Not to worry, we can repair the damage with little cost and effort. Dent Dismissal is a locally owned and operated specialised Paintless dent removal service in Perth.

For over 10 years Dent Dismissal Perth have been taking care of those annoying dents and hail damage by using specialised tools and techniques to massage the dents from the underside of the panel without harming the paintwork on your vehicle. Saving owners thousands of dollars in expensive body repair and spray painting costs associated with original panel beaters methods. Ben from Dent Dismissal was one of the original paintless dent removal professionals to set up a mobile service in Perth. Do not get caught out by many the imitators that cannot match the quality work and price that Dent Dismissal offers.

Our fully mobile same day Paintless dent removal service will come to your home or office and expertly remove those unsightly dents and imperfections back to original finish without the mess and stress to you. We also specialise in Hail Damage repair. Please note: We DO NOT do scratch repair of any kind. Read More >>


We Specialise in:

Car park dents
Softer panel dents
Eye catching panel dings
Hail damage
Mobile service to all areas
Onsite, same day repairs
No paints or fillers, No mess!
Increases value back to your vehicle
Quick & cheap compared to other methods
Over ten years experience
Free quotes